​​Sending employees around the world is often key to competing and existing in our global economy.  Workplace mobility is a major requirement of business operations these days.   While the business at hand and employee talent is yours to cultivate, the administration and tax compliance that results can be challenging.    Lighthouse Tax & Consulting LLC can help your HR and payroll teams navigate the administrative and tax challenges of sending employees around the globe, assist your employees with their compliance obligations and discuss total cost of assignments with business managers.

Lighthouse Tax & Consulting partners with firms around the globe in order to provide a seamless and cost effective solution for your international assignment needs.   We handle all US tax services, global account management and key relationships from our office in Monroe, CT while ensuring local communication and deliverables are handled by the team with the proper local country tax expertise needed.

Our niche is firms with small to midsize populations of internationally mobile employees.  Depending on the locations and needs of the client our goal is quite simply to ensure the solution that best meets their needs.  When necessary we will encourage clients to seek alternative sourcing and can provide introductions and vendor selection services if the client needs are outside the scope of Lighthouse Tax & Consulting’s internal offerings (see International Vendor Selection Services above).

When it comes to tax services, our focus is on individuals and small business owners. We offer a full compliment of tax services to meet your ongoing tax needs to include:


Lighthouse Tax & Consulting LLC offers full service vendor selection services for international organizations looking to replace their existing vendors or simply review existing contracts and services for competitiveness.   We have developed a 5 part process which is fully scaleable to meet the needs of our clients.  

We offer this service in the areas of international relocation providers and tax advisory firms.  While LTC does offer full tax services as part of our international program management services (see above) we are a smaller firm that specializes in program sizes of up to 25 international assignees.  Above that, or for smaller firms in location(s) in which we do not have an outstanding local affiliate, we will gladly assist with outsourcing to a firm that will provide a better match for your organization's needs. 

Our international vendor selection services include: 

  • a full review of the current solutions in place,
  • understanding our clients needs,
  • pricing review,
  • RFP writing and management,
  • and transition. 

LTC has provided comprehensive services in this area to many Fortune 500 and other large global firms, and references are available upon request.

A key reason for establishing Lighthouse Tax & Consulting in 2002 was to fill a need that had very limited resources in the marketplace. Due to the specialized nature of international assignment tax and policy matters, combined with the need for global reach – such services are usually left to the “Big Four” global accounting firms at a price that is cost prohibitive to the average individual.

In reality, individuals and firms are paying a premium for this service based on the perception that it is so specialized that no one else is qualified to handle such matters. Fortunately, this myth is slowly being dispelled. Smaller firms with the right resources and appropriate expertise are available for more reasonable rates – but care must be exercised in finding them. It is imperative that the chosen firm actually has the know-how, resources and tangible experience to deliver. Lighthouse Tax & Consulting has all three!

                INDIVIDUAL & SMALL BUSINESS TAX SERVICES                        INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM MANAGEMENT  - Corporate                         INTERNATIONAL TAX SERVICES                                                      VENDOR SELECTION SERVICES

Specializing in cross  border taxation and expatriate program management


  • ​individual income tax
  • state filings in all 50 states
  • small business returns - schedule C, 1065 and 1120-S
  • tax consultation services for setting up a business, making investment decisions, selling or renting property, and much more...

​Ongoing correspondence and tax services are always handled by your designated account manager to ensure consistency, personalized service and a full understanding of your tax and financial situation. Free E-filing:  We live and work in a virtual environment in which e-filing is mandated by the IRS and most states. LTC is an authorized e-file agent with the IRS and will e-file all individual tax returns, prepared by LTC, free of charge. Full copies of each return are delivered to clients in pdf files via our secure client portal, but paper copies will be provided upon request.

Lighthouse Tax & Consulting, LLC


Our clients are located all over the world - so location is not a roadblock to getting the service you need. Most services are completed via phone, Internet and e-mail to ensure that service is available regardless of location, and we offer a secure client portal for the safest sharing of confidential information and 24/7 access to your tax files.

We have extensive experience in administering the foreign earned income and housing exclusions, maximizing foreign tax credit application, treaty relief, and tax equalization policies.

Our international tax services include

  • all of the above individual tax services, plus...
  • preparation of forms 2555, 1116, and 8938 - specifically related to international filings
  • tax advice for moving to / from the US
  • assistance in obtaining tax ID numbers for non-US spouses / dependents
  • first year elections and residency determinations
  • tax equalization consultations
  • FBAR reporting requirements and preparation assistance
  • referral services for foreign filing requirements
  • seamless global service with our various foreign associate firms