Specializing in cross  border taxation and expatriate program management

Lighthouse Tax & Consulting, LLC

  • Foreign Assignment Issues
  • Number of State Filings
  • Foreign Tax Credits
  • ​Tax Equalization
  • Amount and Type of Personal Investments & Deductions
  • Business Ownership and / or Self-Employment status

At Lighthouse Tax & Consulting we strive to provide our clients with the highest value for fees charged. Our fees are directly related to the difficulty of our client’s situation. Factors that influence the complexity and thereby impact fees include:

​Each client’s situation is reviewed independently and an appropriate fee is negotiated prior to the commencement of any work. An engagement letter is prepared and signed by both LTC and our clients to ensure that both parties understand the terms, responsibilities, fees and scope of our engagement. 

​Once a fee is agreed upon it is all-inclusive for the tax return process. This includes discussions surrounding the tax return preparation, agreed upon state tax filings, follow up questions upon delivery and even on-going tax questions that may come up throughout the year. It also includes review and response to routine tax authority correspondence e-filing when available and 24/7 access to your personal secure web portal. Given all this, the majority of our clients have never received a consulting invoice from us.

​Our goal is to develop a relationship with all our
clients that fosters open communication throughout the year – without the fear of receiving large invoices. Should such questions / issues rise to the level of incurring a consultancy fee – it would be discussed with the client immediately, before the work is done or the fee is assessed.  

Sample fees:

Average Individual Returns - $850 - $1,000
Complex Individual Returns $1,000 & up (generally for returns which include self employment business reporting, multiple rental properties and / or K1s, tax equalization issues, and foreign business ownership)
Separate Business Returns (Forms 1065 or 1120-S) - $1,200 & up
Consulting fee: $250 per hour -
Consulting fees are only charged for pre-arranged, agreed upon projects.

Fees for international program management and vendor selection services are dependent on the organizations needs, and a proposal is available upon request.

Initial consultations are always free of charge